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Intennel International tunnels for SMEs

About us

Intennel business consultancy and Intennel business & travel limited are the main corporations within IntennelGroup (IBG). IBG is headquartered in London, UK. We focus on three fields: management consultant, public relations  and business travel service.As you have just entered the UK, we assist you in completing the preliminary phase as soon as possible. As an extension of your business, we can supplement or fill your existing support function to responsible for managing your required business support services. Leaving you with the freedom to focus on running your business.

IBG has the competitive edge of experience and business expertise in Chinese Market in a complicated file.


IBG intents on providing management consultant, public relations and  business travel services to our customers.

Management consultant focus on supplying assistance for the whole process of business promotion, including administrations affairs management, daily accounting issue recruitment and meeting arrangement.

Public relations would help you to link and negotiate with the professional resources relationships with the government or in the industry.

Business travel services would arrange your business trip including the invitation letters and official business activities.


IBG offers an exclusive networking venue for our clients. Our current portfolio includes over 100 firms from different countries which are mainly distributed to apparel, education, energy, and service industry. We also have widely cooperation with local organizations and governments both in UK and China.





Building reliable tunnels for your

international communications

Business Consultancy

  Marketing research

  Brand agent

  Sales representatives

  Investment research

  Risk analysis

  Project investment

  Company registration advise

  Accounting service

Business Visit and Travel

Business VIP tourism

International exhibition Education exchange

Culture exchange

Executive education

Summer camp activities

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